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Some facts about

Hearing Aids

1. The severity of your hearing loss does not dictate the price of your hearing aid. Your lifestyle and budget are what determines which price hearing aid is appropriate for you.
2. The style of the hearing aid that is appropriate for you is determined by your specific type of hearing loss. The audiologist will discuss this with you at your appointment.
3. Once you decide to purchase hearing aids, it takes about 1-2 weeks to order them.
4. All hearing aids come with a 30-day trial period. During that trial period, hearing aids can be returned for a refund or exchanged.
5. Most hearing aids can be adjusted to accommodate changes in your hearing for several years.

6I’m ready to buy hearing aids.

What’s next?

• Call our office and schedule an appointment for a hearing test.
• Immediately following your hearing test, Dr. Muehlebach can discuss your options for hearing aids..
• It takes around 1-2 weeks for your hearing aids to arrive in clinic. An appointment will be scheduled for a fitting when the hearing aids arrive.
• Half of the cost of the hearing aids is due at the time of your fitting.
• The hearing aids have a 30 day trial period. If you decide not to keep your hearing aids, you will receive a refund. If you would like to trade them for a different pair, we can do that. If you decide to keep them, the rest of the fees are due at the end of your trial.
• Central Texas Hearing Aids will adjust your hearing aids and provide most replacement parts for as long as you own them.
• You should expect your hearing aids to last anywhere from 3 – 8 years, with normal progression of hearing loss.

Basic Hearing Aid Technology

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$1800 each

These hearing aids are ideal for patients who are bargain shopping. The hearing aids will reduce background noise and amplify the speech in front of the wearer and slightly to the side. They will provide comfort in noise and have the ability to connect to wireless accessories if the patient wishes. These are the ideal hearing aids for less active, older adults.
One-year warranty is included with these hearing aids.


Midlevel Hearing Aid Technology

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$2500 each

These hearing aids will do everything the basic hearing aids will do and so much more. They have an automatic music program to help music sound more natural and enjoyable. These hearing aids have the ability to find the loudest speaker in the area and focus on that person, regardless of their position to the wearer. They will also change the way they reduce background noise based on the current environment for the wearer and they reduce wind noise for outdoor enjoyment.
Two-year warranty is included with these hearing aids.


Premium Hearing Aid Technology

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$3300 each

These hearing aids are the most preferred hearing aids by active users and also the most sophisticated aids on the market. These hearing aids do everything their less expensive counterparts do, but they do it better and they do more. They have the ability to automatically change in response to the environment, as the wearer moves about their day. They can detect road and car noise and reduce it automatically in order to provide better listening in the car. They can reduce echo and reverberation in auditoriums, museums, and garages. They are smart, intuitive hearing aids designed be worn without any manual adjustment needed.
Three-year warranty is included with these hearing aids.


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Central Texas Hearing Aids is a division of Central Texas ENT. We are privately owned and not a part of CHI St. Joseph. Central Texas ENT has been a part of the community for many years now. Dr. Muehlebach is our audiologist and takes care of the hearing aid needs of all of our patients.

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