Hearing Specialist

hearing specialist

Central Texas Sinus and Allergy has teamed up with Central Texas Hearing and Balance to provide our patients with the highest quality of hearing aids to assist patients that suffer from hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by many different things including ear infections (otitis media), viruses (flu, chickenpox, etc.), congenital ailments (at birth), as well as noise exposure. It can also affect people at any age including babies, children, and adults. We at Central Texas Hearing and Balance offer premium state of the art hearing aids and service, custom fit and adjusted to each person’s unique needs. We

strive to increase the quality of life after hearing loss. By improving the quality and type of sound one hears on a daily basis, we keep in mind the comfort and personal discretion of those wearing the aids.

Our Audiologist, Jennifer Muehlebach, excels in customer service and finding the perfect fit for each individuals hearing need. The products she utilizes and provides are high end devices from companies such as


and Phonak.

If hearing loss is a concern of yours or of one of your loved ones, and you want to increase the quality of life, please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.